Rapid Growth in Organised ICO Meetups

Rapid Growth in Organised ICO Meetups

The Meetup community, once the domain of sports and arts groups, has seen a rapid growth in the number of ICO and general crypto-related events over the last 2 months.

Originally launched in the US in 2002 to facilitate real world meet-ups between those with a shared interest, the service has now spread to 180 countries and claims to have in excess of 200,000 active groups. Users can organise or search for a topic of interest by specifying a convenient location and date.

Exponential Growth in ICO Meetups

In recent weeks, the number of crypto communities has been growing exponentially. The number of Bitcoin-focused interest groups in the Paris region alone has grown from under just ten at the beginning of September to over three dozen as we approach year-end. 

London offers around a dozen ICO-specific discussion and investment groups, including one calling itself Coinscrum whose membership is just short of 5000 as of writing.

Similar groups are popping up in New York, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Rio De Janeiro, Brisbane and even Johannesburg which boasts a Monero-specific interest group of 200 members. 

There are some groups which focus on specific ICOs, though others are largely more general and hold discussions on possible investment opportunities. Some groups have been inviting ICO founders to present to their members or instigate talks from experts in the legal, regulatory and marketing fields.

We’re not all hipsters with shiny macs,” one event organiser based in Dublin told us. Visit the Meetup website to search for ICO-related events in your area.