Refereum ICO Records Highest One Day Jump in Telegram Interest

Refereum ICO Records Highest One Day Jump in Telegram Interest

The Refereum project has recorded a surge in interest from potential investors after statistics compiled from ICO Whitelists that the ICO has attracted over 3500+ new potential investors on its Telegram channel over each of the last two days. 

The number of people joining the Refereum Telegram group now stands in excess of 36k subscribers, and puts the ICO in the top ten when judged by Telegram following.

If the trend continues, this may mean that Refereum is set to become the second ICO to reach the absolute limit of Telegram users on a single channel, after Polymath became the first ICO in recent days to hit Telegram’s 50k ceiling.

Gamers Paid to Game

Refereum is aiming to shake up the gaming market by releasing higher profits for developers and content creators by removing marketing middlemen from the equation. To achieve this, they plan to reward influencers and gamers who promote popular gaming content.

Whilst their general aim of going direct to consumer to reduce this percentage may not be ground-breaking, their road-map does show an innovative approach by suggesting that gamers can earn money – possibly even enough to earn a living – from playing games, completing tutorials and winning prizes.

An ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain with a possible total supply of 5 billion tokens RFR tokens, it will have a starting price of 1 RFR equal to $0.01 USD. The ICO, which is due to start in just under three weeks, will accept contributions in ETH or BTC.