Rumour Mill Gathers Momentum on BAT Token / Brave Browser “Big” Partnership

Rumour Mill Gathers Momentum on BAT Token / Brave Browser “Big” Partnership

Rumours of a BAT Token / Brave Browser impending partnership with a large, unnamed online platform were originally ignited after a discussion earlier this week between Brave creator Brendan Eich and popular crypto podcast What Bitcoin Did.

Since then, however, speculation has been mounting – particularly after new revelations made on Reddit earlier today – that the partner in question may be popular image sharing platform The website has been identified as carrying a Brave Publisher Verification Token on its servers.

The platform “has 80 million ad blocking unique visitors per month. It has many more non ad blocking but it has a high ad blocking instance, and they are ready to try something with us that would convert those ad blocker users,” Eich had stated during the interview.

Those numbers appear to be in line with Imgur’s own visitor numbers – the site is currently ranked by Alexa as the 65th most popular website worldwide, and ranks 18th overall in the United States where it attracts around half of its overall visitor numbers.

Pragmatism over Ideology

The partnership is thought to currently be in trial. However, if Imgur is indeed confirmed as the Brave Browser project’s latest partner, the signing would represent only the latest scalp for Eich and his team who have already managed to onboard British periodical The Guardian and the Dow Jones Media Group onto its list of 23,000 so-called Brave Publishers.

During Tuesday’s one hour podcast, Eich also discussed criticisms aimed at his project from the wider crypto-currency community, particularly from Bitcoin Maximalists who see Brave Browser’s partnership with payments management platform as a betrayal of crypto’s fundamental philosophy of decentralisation.

However, Eich, best known for his invention of the JavaScript language, indicated during the interview that his own priorities were less ideological and more pragmatic, identifying the BAT token advertising model’s ability to scale as his leading priority. “Bitcoin fees are too high and publishers don’t always want to be paid in crypto,” he stated.

A transcript of the interview – including the original audio – can be found here.