Ryan Gosling’s ICO is Back – Without Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s ICO is Back – Without Ryan Gosling

In March, the story of the supposed Miroskii ICO went viral within the crypto-community after its website included a profile shot of Ryan Gosling as a team member on its home page. The name listed against that photo was of a certain Kevin Belanger, the project team’s alleged graphic designer. 

Reverse image searches performed against the remaining team photos revealed that they too were fake. As expected, once the story broke the website quickly disappeared. 

Out with Gosling, In With the White-Paper

A few days after the episode, a press release went out claiming that the site had in fact been hacked and the fake team profiles had been uploaded by hackers.

The statement, which had been covered by a few non-crypto websites, claimed that “with such fraudulent changes, the hackers intend to attract the attention of the populace, spoil the brand and make prospective investors lose trust in the change-oriented financial system.”

Now, the website is now online again, this time with an actual white-paper. It appears Gosling’s lookalike has left the company. In fact, there is no team mentioned at all on either the white-paper or the website. There are also no advisors, no contact details and no telegram channel.

Miroskii does have a Facebook page that was last updated in February, with 14 likes and 3 warnings from visitors that the whole thing is a scam. The Twitter profile is more active, with 57 followers and 84 tweets since it was set up in March – just after the story broke.

The ICO, which by the way, is promising to build a decentralised bank, is allegedly holding a token sale which started on February and ends on the 2nd of June. The roadmap is no less interesting. Whilst most of the technology “is yet to be released”, the website claims that “Miroskii coin is [sic] been tested, approved and accepted by most of the industry giants who has [sic] already started using the MRC (Miroskii Coin) in their closed B2B sector.”

As surprising as it might seem, those industry giants are not named. All very mysterious indeed. Likely the most interesting aspect of this project will be to see if, after all the warnings and red flags, it will nonetheless continue to attract interest.