Santa Using Token Airdrops to Lighten Reindeer Load

Santa Using Token Airdrops to Lighten Reindeer Load

A press release sent out from the North Pole this morning has indicated that Santa Claus and his team of elves have begun organising a series of airdrops for the Christmas period as part of this year’s present delivery campaign. 

“Technically, token airdrops don’t qualify as parcels,” chief Elf Wunorse Openslae admitted in conversation with ICOExaminer, “but their increasing popularity in today’s modern technological context means that we are nonetheless comfortable with including them on the list.”

Amongst the airdrops being organised are TenX’s PAY token whose delivery is being organised by the TenX team itself as part of what co-founder Julian Hosp describes as the blockchain startup’s own contribution to “helping to lighten the auld fella’s load.”

Invoice factoring facilitator Populous is also organising its own impending airdrop of PXT (XBRL) tokens as part of a series of marketing measures to spark interest in the project.

“They All Appear to be Adults”

A largely unexplained delay, however, means that the PXT distribution is now expected towards the end of the year as opposed to delivery over the Christmas period itself, raising suspicion among some elves about the legitimacy of the entire project of digitalized delivery. 

Airdrops are being increasingly adopted by ICOs are part of a general marketing drive to increase awareness of their token. “The problem is that many of these ICOs are unaware that they are largely being seen as cheap gimmicks that achieve nothing more than polluting my wallet,” one serial token investor stated on Santa’s open Telegram channel. 

“We understand that these double up as useful marketing techniques for the businesses concerned,” one elf stated, asking to remain anonymous. “The problem, however, is that we’re not seeing many children involved in the process. They all appear to be adults.”

Santa Claus himself, aka Saint Nicholas and thought to be of Greek origin, was unavailable for comment but it is understood that he is generally computer illiterate and unlikely to have his own wallet address. “I doubt if he understands the project at all,” Wunhorse Openslae told us, “but if he notices that the delivery sacks are lighter as a result, he generally doesn’t ask questions.”

  • Happy Christmas to one and all from ICOExaminer!