SingularityNET ICO Sells Out in Under One Minute

SingularityNET ICO Sells Out in Under One Minute

SingularityNET, the Artificial Intelligence start-up, has completed its ICO sale today less than sixty seconds after having opened its doors to the public. 

The token sale has proven to be one of the hottest properties of the year in the ICO arena. High interest had already been anticipated by project organisers who had raised over $20 million during pre-sale alone and who had limited contributions to 5 ETH per individual contributor. 

The interest expressed is all the more remarkable given that investors were required to perform a KYC sign-up process. 

$32 Million Raised 

The blockchain start-up whose teams boasts a dozen PHDs and in excess of fifty developers has now raised a combined total of $32 million in its quest to “democratise governance within the Artificial Intelligence industry” which, they have claimed, has been monopolised by a small number of large players

The feat, however, does not quite match the interest generated by Brave, a decentralised browser proposed by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, whose ICO completed in June of this year, achieving $35 million in just under 30 seconds. 

The SingularityNET is another indication of a revived interest in December of token sales after figures in November had revealed a significant drop in participation in comparison to October. 

The high interested generated by SingularityNET has resulted in a posting on the group’s Telegram channel to potential investors dissapointed in having missed out on the sale to beware false solicitations for contributions from scam artists posing as the SingularityNET team.