SingularityNET Partners with Chinese Giant Ping An

SingularityNET Partners with Chinese Giant Ping An

Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneers SingularityNET (AGI) have announced a partnership with the most valuable global insurance brand and the world’s tenth largest public company, Shenzen-based Ping An Insurance Group.

Ping An, which is one of the largest financial services companies in the world, will collaborate with SingularityNET on a spectrum of AI projects including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and model training.

The fintech arm of the Chinese conglomerate is behind such unicorns as peer-to-peer lender Lufax currently valued at $18 billion, the automated healthcare portal called Ping An Good Doctor, and the popular hospital appointment booking app that is used by 800 million customers.

Company Compatibility

SingularityNET launched in December 2017 and remains one of the fastest selling ICOs on record, and has since created a decentralised AI marketplace where knowledge and data can be shared, monetised and scaled.

Speaking on the latest partnership, SingularityNET’s CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel said “The scale of Ping An provides considerable opportunities to showcase the benefits of AI application.”

Explaining the compatibility of the two companies, Dr Goertzel continued “Generally speaking, successful AI applications require at least four ingredients – AI algorithms, data, computer power and human understanding of the problem domain. Between SingularityNET and Ping An we have all four of these in abundance, and so I am confident we will be able to do great things together.”

At this week’s Token2049 event in Hong Kong, SingularityNET also announced another major partnership with Netherlands energy provider Nature 2.0 who supply gas and electric to millions of customers through Enexis Netbeheer.