SingularityNET Partners with Domino’s Pizza

SingularityNET Partners with Domino’s Pizza

SingularityNET, the team behind the world’s so-called most expressive robot, has announced a partnership with Domino’s (Malaysia and Singapore Divisions) which will enable the pizza giant to utilise SingularityNET’s native AGI token to power efficiencies in their supply chain and delivery operations.

Within the region, Domino’s have over 260 stores which will provide market data to SingularityNET who, in turn, will be able to offer a number of algorithms aimed at improving Domino’s business processes.

A Benevolent AI Future

With the stated aim of “creating a movement toward a benevolent artificial intelligence (AI) future”, SingularityNET launched in 2017 through a multi-million dollar ICO that sold out in seconds and has already established a number of high profile partnerships in different market sectors.

According to the company’s latest blog post, this foray into the food industry will allow Domino’s to access the decentralised marketplace’s “…large population of developers interested in getting their hands dirty and develop AI for immediate testing/use.” Each independent AI would then be brought together to “…be delivered to Domino’s drivers, operators, and business as a whole.”

Speaking on the partnership, Domino’s (Malaysia and Singapore) CEO, Mr Ba U Shan-Ting, said “Our newest transformation effort is occurring in our Operations function, where we are automating significant portions of our delivery operations and consolidating our operations centres. SingularityNET’s algorithms and services will allow us to explore these efficiencies at scale.”

To achieve this, Domino’s will use the SingularityNET platform to specify their AI requirements allowing developers worldwide to “…view, assess, discuss and collaborate on the best ways to satisfy demand.” Successful outcomes would then be rewarded with a previously set amount of AGI tokens for each AI requirement.

This incentivising of AI development coupled with audited transactions is a cornerstone of SingularityNET’s drive to create a mutually beneficial blockchain-based ecosystem for both enterprise customers and AI developers.