Slovenia’s Prime Minister Buys Himself a Coffee with Crypto

Slovenia’s Prime Minister Buys Himself a Coffee with Crypto

Slovenian Prime Minister Dr. Miro Cerar and State Secretary Tadej Slapnik bought themselves a coffee last Friday paid for in crypto as they visited Beyond 4.0, an international conference dedicated to digital society and the blockchain, held at BTC City, a shopping and business centre in Ljubljana.

The payment was effectuated through a new crypto-based payments system known as Elipay that had been initially presented to the pair back in April

Using AI to Bridge Fiat and Crypto

Elipay is a cryptocurrency transaction system pioneered by Eligma who concluded their ICO earlier this month by raising $10 million shortly after winning the best pitch in this year’s Zurich Crypto Summit.

A complete blockchain commerce platform driven by artificial intelligence, Eligma enables consumers to use cryptocurrencies, PayPal and credit cards to pay for goods as well the opportunity to run their own Ebay-type business.

Within their ecosystem the ELI token is used to reward merchants and customers who can search, purchase, track and sell items digitally.

The co-operation with BTC City, which is aiming to be at the forefront of technological innovation by setting out to become the world’s first true Bitcoin City, forms part of Eligma’s wider goal of establishing a strong presence in Slovenia’s marketplace before a rolling its product out to a UK audience in June 2019.

ELI is currently listed on both Bancor and Livecoin, and is expected to announce further listings later in the year.