Spectre Trading Platform Goes Public

Spectre Trading Platform Goes Public

The team behind Spectre have just announced that the public beta of their trading platform has been sent live in time for the new year, having just completed a three month trial period in a virtual environment.

The platform is designed to allow for pair trades with peers on the speculative movement of commodities, currencies, stocks and other financial assets in a broker-less and decentralised setting, with win/loss positions settled in crypto.

Integration with Ethereum Testnet

Traders on the platform will also have the ability to undertake test trades by connecting to the Ethereum Testnet network (Ropsten network) in order to develop familiarity with the trading environment before engaging with the live platform.

Anyone who wishes to do can visit this Reddit thread in order to request Ropsten ether. 

Although the site can be accessed now, no trading will be possible until the markets re-open after a weekend extended by the New Year’s Day holiday.

Traders will have the choice of utilising MetaMask or an on-site private escrow service.

The roll-out follows the timeline established in the company’s ICO white-paper which also envisages a full product roll-out and Mainnet Integration for Q1 2018.