Steven Seagal Emerges from Twitter Hibernation to Plug Bitcoiin2Gen

Steven Seagal Emerges from Twitter Hibernation to Plug Bitcoiin2Gen

Steven Seagal has become the public face of ICO Bitcoiin2Gen. The “Half Past Dead” star and Aikido 7th Dan announced the move on Twitter yesterday, his first tweet in 10 months. 

Steven lives by the principles that the development of the physical self is essential to protect the spiritual man,” announced a spokesman for Bitcoiin2Gen in a statement whose purpose – and overall relationship with the project itself – remains unclear. 

Bitcoiin2Gen appear to believe that they have found the perfect global ambassador for their product in a man whose Wikipedia page includes an entire section dedicated to allegations of sexual harassment and domestic violence.

According to the project’s website, Bitcoiin2Gen is seeking to “.. make a superior or more advanced version of the Original Bitcoin.” 

However, others on social media appear less convinced of the project’s legitimacy citing the absence of any technical detail in the white-paper and any kind of following on Telegram, with some claiming that it is likely nothing more than a cheap attempt to lure undiscerning investors through implied association with the original Bitcoin. 

Seagal, who is the reincarnation of Chungdrag Dorje – according to Seagal himself – appears sincere in his belief in the legitimacy of the project, however, although some question if the movie star will find time in his diary to fit a blockchain project into a tight schedule which includes, among other things, peddling his very own brand of long range rifle.