Stox Offering $100k for Correct World Cup Final Prediction

Stox Offering $100k for Correct World Cup Final Prediction

The blockchain-based market prediction platform Stox is offering its token holders the chance to scoop $100,000 by correctly guessing the time of the first goal in today’s World Cup Final between France and Croatia.

Contestants are required to bet a minimum of 1000 Stox tokens (STX) but, as with all of their prediction markets, these stakes are returned, win or lose, after a brief lock-up period.

The prize winnings, the highest to date given away on the platform, will be paid in ETH and contestants are advised to read the full rules before participating.


Stox ran its ICO last year, raising $33 million in 34 hours.

On the platform, event outcomes are predicted by token holders. Almost any event can be covered ranging from sport to politics to finance.

Participants are given several possible outcomes to choose from. Those whose guesses match with the final outcome are rewarded with STX tokens.The amount awarded is based on the probability of that outcome, the size of the crowd participating in that event, and the initial pledge of STX.

When the predictions are related to ICOs, participants receive a proportion of their winnings in the associated native tokens as well.

Available on multiple exchanges including, HitBTC and Forkdelta, the STX token is currently trading at below half of its ICO value of $1.10 and considerably lower than its all-time high of $2.60 in September 2017.