Stratis ICO Partners With Major UK Online Pharmacy

Stratis ICO Partners With Major UK Online Pharmacy

The Stratis project has announced a new partnership with UK Meds, one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies. 

By utilising Stratis’ blockchain, UK Meds – which handles up to 4000 prescriptions on a daily basis – will be looking to improve patient safety across the entire online pharmacy sector that has suffered abuse through multiple orders of single prescriptions.

With Stratis, a unique identifier will be assigned to each patient which doctors and pharmacies will be able to cross reference on the blockchain to ensure medication is dispensed in the correct volume.


Joe Soiza, CEO at UK Meds, said he believes that in teaming with Stratis they can provide “…a highly secure blockchain solution that can be shared across the industry to provide a trusted and verifiable record of patient requests for medicine.”

With more than ten online pharmacies already piloting the scheme, UK Meds have made it “…our ambition for this to become the de-facto standard across the entire UK industry.”

UK Meds will also employ Stratis to improve their own supply-chain by implementing track and trace, certification and security solutions.

Speaking about the partnership Chris Trew, CEO at Stratis added “This is a great example of blockchain being deployed where its unique qualities will make a real difference….the industry can cooperate on the critical issue of patient safety using a shared version of the truth.”

Stratis came to market in July 2016, raising around $600,000 from the sale of their STRAT token. Reaching over $20 per token nine months ago, it has declined along with the rest of the altcoin universe to around $1.50.