SyncFab Goes into Partnership with Jeff Berwick

SyncFab Goes into Partnership with Jeff Berwick

SyncFab, a company looking to enhance the B2B sector by connecting buyers and hardware manufacturers by incentivising supply chain processes, is now being officially advised by Jeff Berwick, a.k.a The Dollar Vigilante.

Berwick is known as a devout anarcho-capitalist and has attracted a large following not just through his publications but also on his Youtube channel and other social media platforms.

Industry “in danger of losing its way”

As well as recommending Bitcoin when it was just $3 in 2011, he has a proven track record in backing various blockchain companies that have since become established players.

However, despite being a technology entrepreneur and investor for 25 years, his view of the market lately has been in tune with comments already made by Vitalik Buterin in that the industry “is in danger of losing its way.”

In a low-key, at times almost melancholic speech at this months North American Bitcoin Conference, Berwick pointed to the rampant opportunism now emerging in the ICO space and how investors need to be more discerning in their engagements with blockchain technology.

The Dollar Vigilante also made reference to SyncFab, his latest blockchain venture. Established in 2013, SyncFab currently provides low-cost precision parts production solutions to both small and medium sized buyers and manufacturers.

The revenue raised from the ICO will shift this process into a blockchain ecosystem designed and seeks to democratise the benefits of the supply chain process, rewarding even losing bids in RFP contract tending processes.

SyncFab was well received in the early adopter round which completed at the end of 2017. The public pre-sale imposes no minimum buy-in continues for another two weeks.