Telegram RoadMap ‘Leak’ Indicates ICO in Pipeline

Telegram RoadMap ‘Leak’ Indicates ICO in Pipeline

Telegram, the popular Russian social messenger application, is currently preparing its own upcoming ICO, according to an alleged leak obtained by CryptoVest

There has been no official acknowledgement from Telegram of the details published by CrytoVest, and the alleged source appears not to have reached out to other media outlets. 

New Network

If the leak’s details are correct, however, it would appear that since Q4 of 2017 developers at Telegram have been working  on the Telegram Open Network (TON), a proprietary blockchain network that will incorporate wallet and exchange services, application hosting as well as support for VPN-based services which leverage a decentralised DNS. 

It is thought that the network will be underpinned by the “Gram” token which, according to the leaked document, will be placed up for sale at $1.20 per token. 

The roadmap also envisages a roll-out of the TON network for sometime in Q4 of 2018, with the project achieving completion in early 2019. 

Telegram is a cloud-based, secure and distributed messenger service which claims to offer users cryptographically secure communication channels to guarantee the confidentiality of their contents. 

It gained notoriety as the messenger of choice for ISIS and ISIS sympathisers just after its release in 2013. However, some security experts maintain that its infrastructural model remains vulnerable due to its centralised nature.

“Telegram has delivered everything that a government wants,” one security analyst stated in conversation with the American Civil Liberties Union. 

If the details of the recent leaks are true, then its upcoming move to a blockchain-based model will likely address at least some of these concerns.