Tennis Ace Serena Williams Reveals Coinbase Investment

Tennis Ace Serena Williams Reveals Coinbase Investment

Serena Williams, winner of 23 Grand Slam singles tennis titles, took to Instagram this week to reveal that her own investment firm – Serena Ventures – has ploughed money into more than thirty companies including Coinbase.




Kept under wrapts until now since its inception in 2014, the fund, according to the official website, encompasses businesses worth billions of dollars.

With a stated brief of investing in companies that embrace “individual empowerment”, the inclusion of a cryptocurrency related platform was perhaps not unexpected and Coinbase, despite stirring varying emotions amongst the community, is generally recognised as one of the major on-ramps for newcomers to digital assets.

Coinbase is joined in the venture firm’s portfolio by a number companies covering various markets such as razor brand Billie, organic baby food supplier Little Spoon and online-tuition gateway MasterClass. Apart from Serena herself, the only other member of the investment team mentioned on the website is vice president Alison Rapaport whose impressive resume includes a spell working as an asset manager for J.P.Morgan.

Coinbase has recently expanded its scope of operations to offer crypto trading in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea and the Philippines.

However, customers in these jurisdictions are currently only able to transact in cryptocurrency rather than their national fiat currency. Despite this, by negating the need to connect with any individual country’s banking infrastructure and avoiding any potential hostile government legislation, some commentators believe this will aid in the adoption of cryptocurrency cross-border payments.