Tesla Car Doubles Up as Crypto Mining Rig

Tesla Car Doubles Up as Crypto Mining Rig

One innovative owner of a Tesla has reconfigured the trunk of his car to include a mining rig, according to a piece from EcoMotoringNews. Whilst the claim has yet to be verified, the claim appears plausible as Tesla are known to offer free electricity to owners as part of the Tesla purchase package. 

Promotional Stunt?

Whilst the idea may hold water, it appears unlikely that it will be going viral anytime soon since mining rigs will be incapable of offering the kind of profitability that will be of interest to the average Tesla owner – the mining rig consumes in seven days the annual allocation of free electricity that is currently offered to Tesla owners. 

The heat generated by the onboard mining rig also makes driving the car impractical whist running. 

Green Energy Mining Initiatives Dominated by Amateur Miners

Renewable-energy sourced mining rigs are not a new concept as miners seek to undermine the costs associated with generating the kind of processing power required to make cryptocurrency mining a profitable enterprise.

However, dedicated mining farms tend to favour cold climates over warmer ones as the heat generated by mining farms significantly adds to the cost of hardware replacement. The cost of electricity, however, remains the largest outgoing cost for crypto-mining operations in general. 

As a result, green energy crypto-mining tends to be the result of individual initiatives undertaken by amateur miners who have been known to use a range of renewable-energy sourced mechanisms for driving their own mini-mining rigs. These include back-garden windmills, solar-panels and even rigs which have been hooked up to indoor exercise bikes. In Iceland, one mining outfit rigged its mining operation into a geo-thermal source

According to Digiconomist.net, a website which collates statistics on crypto-currency energy consumption, the Bitcoin network alone consumes enough energy to power almost three million American households each year.