The ICO Which Wants to Sell You the Moon as Opposed to Take You There

The ICO Which Wants to Sell You the Moon as Opposed to Take You There

It is, arguably, as bizarre as any proposition you will ever see in ICO-land. And it is a project which, instead of promising the moon, has decided to sell it to us instead. 

Describing itself as the world’s first “lunar registry platform”, the team behind Diana Coin – whose profiles are provided as cartoon drawings on the ICO website – are creating a “cosmic crypto currency” which, they claim, will entitle its owners to fractional ownership of the Earth’s only satellite.

One Small ICO for Man, One Not So Bigly Convincing Proposition

Citing article II of the UN Outer Space Treaty for what appears to be no clear reason whatsoever, the white-paper raises the question of the Moon’s ownership without answering it, noting above all that the Moon is “the common heritage of humanity” before outlining its case for selling it back to us on our behalf.

It then goes on to explain instances in recent history where individuals – such as the American Dennis Hope in 1980 and Chilean lawyer Jenaro Gajardo Vera in 1954 – have tried to take advantage of legal loopholes to unfairly assert ownership of the moon for themselves, underlining the need – naturally – for a blockchain solution. 

Where things get a little bit more interesting, however, is that the ICO appears to be headed up by Jenarao Gajardo Vera himself, who is cited as the project’s main contact within the white-paper and whose profession is then listed as “Architect” as opposed to “Lawyer” on the project home-page where he then appears … as a young woman. 

Diana Coin Sale

On the other hand, it seems that the project organisers’ spelling does not quite match the high standards of the proposition itself, with a certain Priyansh Manne listed as the team’s “Sever developer”.

One to watch, we reckon.