The Rotterdam Property Owner Selling his Apartment for VeChain Tokens

The Rotterdam Property Owner Selling his Apartment for VeChain Tokens

A loft apartment in Rotterdam-Kralingen in the Netherlands has been placed on sale by the owner, Mr Dian van Heijningen, who wishes to transact in VeChain Tokens (VET).

The owner, an advocate of not just VeChain but also HeroNode, ICX, Zilliqa, QASH and ECC according to his Twitter page, is expecting €390,000 which would equate to between 27 to 31 million VET judging by most recent price fluctuations.

A promotional video of the modern 106 square meter loft which comes with a sauna can be found on Twitter.


While real estate sales for cryptocurrency through dedicated ICO projects are gaining traction, home sales by individuals are still a relatively rare occurrence, especially those priced in anything other than BTC or ETH.

Speaking to AD.NL, a Dutch newsource, Mr Heijningen partly explained his confidence in accepting VET. “The Chinese government also believes in VeChain,” he said.

Based in Singapore, VeChain is building blockchain-based provenance solutions and has signed a number of partnerships since the conclusion of its ICO. Much of its dramatic price action seems to be attributed to the confusion caused by its recent token swap from its previous incarnation as the VEN token used on the Ethereum blockchain before its porting over to the VeChain Thor blockchain.

The old VEN token had reached an all-time high of around $7.70, and was exchanged at a ratio of 1 VEN to 100 VET. The new VET token is currently trading at around $0.014.