Theta Introduces Token Rewards to Smart TVs

Theta Introduces Token Rewards to Smart TVs

Theta, the blockchain reward-based decentralised streaming network (DSN), have released their Android app designed for owners of various brands of smart televisions to watch Theta channels and earn Theta Fuel (TFUEL) token directly from their TV.

Theta can now reward viewers for relaying streams and bandwidth to other participants in the network, regardless if they are watching on a Sony, Sharp, or any other marque of smart TV. The app also works with Android TV set top boxes such as Amazon Fire TV stick, NVIDIA shield TV, and Roku.

Collaborative Monetisation

The Theta platform runs on a 2 token model where TFUEL is used within the ecosystem for rewards, donations and purchasing merchandise while the THETA token is used to stake and earn rewards through the Guardian Nodes. It is TFUEL that smart TV viewers can now access.

Last year Timothy Li, the Theta Head of Platform, corrected the view that Theta were a challenger to traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) and explained they function more as a collaborative base layer allowing existing companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Youtube to employ Theta’s blockchain and monetise their output through tokenisation.

Such an open approach is now extended further through the Android TV app which is built upon THETA SDK and “…will be made publicly available for free to any third-party developers. So it would be just as easy and seamless for Amazon Prime video, Netflix, Sling TV, YouTube, Hulu or hundreds of other popular streaming apps to integrate the Theta protocol.”

The app is now available for download in the Google Play Store.