Theta Partner Littlstar to Increase Market Reach

Theta Partner Littlstar to Increase Market Reach

Theta Labs (THETA), a blockchain reward-based decentralised streaming network (DSN), have partnered with media platform Littlstar to allow for Theta’s content to be delivered through the Littlstar network including their PlayStation 4 (PS4) app which is available in more than 100 million consoles.

Littlstar, who are perhaps more widely known for their expertise in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), also provide traditional streaming content through agreements with the likes of Disney, Warner Bros, Fox and CNN.

Symbiotic Relationships

At first glance, the alliance may seem counter-intuitive as both companies are competing in the burgeoning space where blockchain meets media but the focus of the individual projects should create a beneficial symbiotic relationship. With the agreement, Theta’s token reward system will be introduced to a new market segment while, which is Theta Labs’ Esports entertainment platform, is likely to be welcomed by Littlstar’s tech-savvy audience.

Tony Mugavero, CEO of Littlstar, explains that “Both Littlstar and are leaders and innovators in the media technology space, we’re excited to take a first step to integrating our platforms. Littlstar’s top-tier content from providers like Disney and Showtime will become even more appealing to users with the addition of esports content.”

Theta’s CEO, Mitch Liu, agreed that “Expanding the reach of content is key to the Theta Labs growth strategy…By including this content in the Littstar app, it will boost exposure to potentially millions of new users on console devices.”

Such a strategic partnership fits neatly into Theta Labs’ vision of media content delivery as described by their Head of Platform, Timothy Li, at the 2019 Upbit Developer Conference.

Correcting earlier interpretations of Theta’s goals, which suggested they were a challenger to traditional content delivery networks (CDNs), Li advised that Theta should be viewed as a collaborative base layer allowing existing players such as Netflix, Amazon and Youtube to utilise the power of blockchain on their platforms and monetise/tokenise their output.

Although stressing such a union is hypothetical at this stage, Li’s presentation showed, for example, how tokens earned on Theta could be used to buy premium products and services, rent a movie or series, subsidise or pay for subscriptions, and disable advertisements.