Theta Rewards Users in Tokens for Sharing Bandwidth

Theta Rewards Users in Tokens for Sharing Bandwidth

Video delivery network Theta continues to roll-out its beta platform with the addition of Theta Edge Catcher which rewards users who share their excess computer bandwidth with TFUEL tokens. The Edge Catcher is an upgrade to the existing Theta Pre-Guardian Node that launched in April.

While users have been able to earn TFUEL by watching videos and streams on SLIVER.TV for sometime – and more recently by running a Pre-Guardian Node – the Edge Catcher provides rewards simply by being a relayer of bandwidth without the need to be viewing any content on the platform.

Light Usage with 24/7 Payout

As a relatively light usage client, using less CPU load than a device relaying bandwidth through viewing videos on SLIVER.TV for example, the Edge Catcher potentially offers the opportunity to earn TFUEL tokens constantly without degrading the users computer performance to any significant degree.

Currently only available in Windows format, the client can be run for Mac/Linux using an emulator but dedicated versions for other operating systems are expected in the near future.

The Theta platform runs on a 2 token model where TFUEL is used within the ecosystem for rewards, donations and purchasing merchandise while the THETA token is used to stake and earn rewards through the Guardian Nodes. Both tokens are tradable on a variety of exchanges.

The Theta team report that more than 670 Pre-Guardian Nodes are already operational and the addition of Edge Catcher will make the overall network even more secure.

Since launching 18 months ago with funding from private investors such as Samsung and Sony, Theta have built partnerships with major Korean media outlets and, in March this year, successfully introduced their own mainnet.