ThunderCore Follow Google and Partner with Chainlink

ThunderCore Follow Google and Partner with Chainlink

Ethereum-compatible ThunderCore (TT) have announced a collaboration with Chainlink (LINK) to incorporate their oracle service into their smart contracts in order to access relevant off-chain information that is needed to activate transactions within certain contracts.

The news came shortly after Google confirmed they will utilise Chainlink in their own hybrid cloud-blockchain applications.

External Data for Contract Activation

As explained in a recent ThunderCore blog post, blockchain smart contracts require a trigger to activate them. This trigger is often the outcome of an event or market related data but because this evidence comes from off-chain, the source and input of that information must be correct and trusted by all the parties involved in the contract.

Chainlink provides the necessary bridge to real world evidence for the likes of ThunderCore and Google by being a decentralised oracle service that has the same security guarantees as the smart contracts running on those platforms. By using multiple verifiers of information, Chainlink data is viewed as being secure, reliable and trustworthy.

On the other side of the digital data bridge, Chainlink is capable of seamlessly connecting to various payment gateways and traditional fiat or cryptocurrency banking systems to complete any financial elements contained within a smart contract.

The public announcements of adoption of Chainlink have led to significant increases in both the company’s token price and overall market capitalisation.