Travala Links Growth with Blockchain-Based Loyalty

Travala Links Growth with Blockchain-Based Loyalty

Leading travel website, Travala, who provide a choice of 1.7 million properties spread over 230 countries and territories, are rewarding customers who make a booking with cashback in the form of the native AVA token and the opportunity to earn extra discounts with their loyalty reward programme.

Travellers can book using fiat or a range of cryptocurrencies but the reward programme, known as SMART, centres around the platform’s AVA token. Because of the automated process, Travala are confident that any payment method will seamlessly integrate with SMART. They predict that “For non-tech savvy users they will be using Crypto and not even know it, exactly how adoption should be. Easy to use with a great experience.”

Highly Rated

With prices said to be 15% below their mainstream competitors and eye-catching current ratings of 4.9 on Google reviews and 4.7 on Trustpilot, Travala has seen steady growth since launching in an initial coin offering in April 2018 and are now believed to be attracting the attention of those less familiar with cryptocurrency transactions.


Travala overcomes any potential tech issues for new users by automatically creating a unique wallet for each customer who joins the platform into which the rewards can be paid. Each subsequent room reservation then receives 2% of the final booking price refunded as ‘cashback’ in AVA tokens.

Depending on how many AVA tokens are held within the wallet, additional discounts – ranging from 1% to 5% – will be applied to any future bookings made by the customer.

Having recently announced their intention to migrate from NEO’s blockchain to the Binance blockchain, Travala have also teamed up with the largest online travel agency in the world – Priceline Partner Network – which is expected to allow them to expand the range of travel options on offer to include car rental, major and low cost air tickets, and full vacation packages.