Traxia ICO Becomes the First to Launch on ‘Japanese Ethereum’ Cardano

Traxia ICO Becomes the First to Launch on ‘Japanese Ethereum’ Cardano

The Swiss non-profit, Traxia (TMT), has become the first official token sale to launch on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain platform.

Often referred to as the ‘Japanese Ethereum’, Cardano has been built on peer-reviewed academic research and its supporters claim it is more advanced than any of its other blockchain platform rivals.

From Theory to Practice

While there has been much debate extolling Cardano’s capabilities, the Traxia crowdsale is a major step forward for the platform.

Through their investment arm, Emurgo, Cardano were early supporters of the Traxia concept to help Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) to improve their cash liquidity.

Traxia themselves chose to partner with Cardano because they felt the “superior technology will allow Traxia to present a more robust solution to better tackle scalability, settlement and security.”

These three elements are key for Traxia as the project is converting unpaid business invoices into smart contracts in order to be traded as short-term assets.

Payment within the Traxia eco-system will still be conducted in fiat currencies rather than cryptocurrencies but Traxia’s private keys will be used to validate the amounts involved and the monetary transactions.

This current round is scheduled to run until 9th April and the ICO prices TMT at $0.12 per token (a 20% stage discount applies). The overall project hard cap sits at just under $41.5 million.