TRON Launch $100 million Blockchain Gaming Fund

TRON Launch $100 million Blockchain Gaming Fund

TRON’s CEO Justin Sun took to social media to announce the launch of the company’s new $100 million gaming fund, known as TRON Arcade and which he claims will provide a new model for game development.

According to Sun, TRON Arcade will “…empower developers to create and execute on their ideas, to introduce new games and content into an autonomous ecosystem, and to build a strong community of content and entertainment.”

Three Year Investment Plan

Funding for TRON Arcade will be spread over 3 years and is intended to encourage game development on the TRON Network by providing investment, technical and business development support as well as access to the company’s existing partnerships.

Earlier in the week the TRON Foundation had tweeted a Forbes article that highlighted the draconian monetisation policies of traditional companies that restricted financial gain for creators and claimed that TRON offered “…the solution to the future of content distribution.”

In his Medium post, Justin Sun expanded upon how this may be achieved and said “The unique advantages of blockchain technology, like immutability, security, and the ability to activate decentralisation, create more room for imagination in the gaming industry.”

TRON, who also recently purchased peer-to-peer file sharing protocol BitTorrent, was founded in September 2017 and switched to its own mainnet from Ethereum this summer in an event that featured a well-publicised spat with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.