TRON Raises New Mainnet Bug Bounty to $10 Million

TRON Raises New Mainnet Bug Bounty to $10 Million

Justin Sun, TRON Foundation’s CEO, has announced they have raised the ceiling for the highest reward in their bug bounty for their recently launched mainnet platform from $100,000 to $10 million.

According to the company’s blog post, the bounty is aimed at finding “potential technical vulnerabilities in the mainnet” that was completed within a tight timeframe.


Launch of Odyssey 2.0

TRON (TRX) rolled out the beta version of it’s Odyssey 2.0 mainnet last week during a livestream and transitioned further away from the Ethereum blockchain where previous simmering relations have made headlines of their own.

Global network security specialists, as well as closet hackers, will have until 24 June to find and report any bugs in Odyssey 2.0 and claim their reward.

Token holders will be given a few days to migrate their ERC-20 TRX holdings for an equivalent number on the new blockchain from 21-24 June.

This flurry of action will culminate in the full launch of the network’s Genesis block, which is set to take place on 25 June – an event termed as “Independence Day” by the TRON foundation.

The following day voting will take place within the TRON community to elect a ‘Super Representative’ who will have input in deciding new policies governing the network.

With these changes, if recent Tweets are anything to go by, Justin Sun is confident that TRON will outperform Ethereum in most categories.