tZero Tokenise Upcoming Atari Movie

tZero Tokenise Upcoming Atari Movie

Blockchain technology provider tZERO, a majority owned subsidiary of the NASDAQ-listed, has announced a partnership with the producers of an upcoming movie based upon the early days of the video games industry called “Atari: Fistful of Quarters.”

As part of the arrangement, tZERO will develop a token named Bushnell which will be sold by the production company Vision Tree to raise finance for the movie.

Technology Innovator

The film itself and the token name were inspired by Nolan Bushnell – American businessman, electrical engineer and co-founder of home computer trailblazers, Atari.

Perhaps partially reflecting upon Bushnell’s innovative approach to technology, Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO, said “The Atari movie is the perfect project to lead the way for the tokenisation of the movie business.”

Speaking of the partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, and their fellow producers at Vision Tree,’s Director and CEO Patrick M. Byrne believes the move will “…bring much needed transparency and accountability to an industry that has been historically resistant to change.”

In March 2018, Vision Tree stated they planned to raise as much as $40 million through the sale of the Bushnell token. Holders of the token would be able to receive a proportion of the movie earnings as well playing an interactive role in the creation of the film by voting on the movie cast and trailer.

Vision Tree founder, Benjamin Gerry, commented “It has been a long process to find the right partner to tokenise the Atari movie and to blaze a new trail for other media projects to follow. After looking closely at every major company in the space, we are thrilled to collaborate with tZERO on this exciting endeavour.”