UFC Puts Litecoin on the Canvas in Televised Fight

UFC Puts Litecoin on the Canvas in Televised Fight

The Litecoin Foundation has announced that it will sponsor the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title bout which will see the Litecoin logo displayed on the Octagon’s canvas during the televised fight.

To be broadcast live from the Forum in Inglewood, California on 29th December, the mixed martial arts fight will be a rematch between the controversial Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

Raising the Cryptocurrency Profile

Litecoin, referred to by some as silver to Bitcoin’s gold, has recently been highlighted by some analysts as one digital asset that may be currently significantly undervalued.

In its statement on the sponsorship, the LTC Foundation drew parallels between UFC and Litecoin as they both grew from “tiny grassroots movement[s] to a global phenomenon.”

Keen to help drive blockchain technology into the mainstream, the Foundation opted for a UFC platform as it believes “it can spark interest and drive engagement with people from all walks of life who may have never heard of Litecoin or cryptocurrency before.”

The bout itself is expected to garner a considerable audience given the previous history between the two fighters, considered by many as one of the great rivalries within the sport, and given Jones’ badboy reputation – he was first stripped of the title in April 2015 due to his involvement and arrest in a hit-and-run incident before regaining the title a year only for the belt to be taken from him again, this time for a drug test violation.