UK’s Most Popular Tech Website Now Trialling Stellar Micropayments

UK’s Most Popular Tech Website Now Trialling Stellar Micropayments

It is one of the UK’s top 500 sites, and it is also its leading tech website. Yesterday, TheRegister announced that it is trialling a new micro-payments program for content with blockchain payments platform SatoshiPay. 

It is understood that the pilot will initially only involve payment for the site’s latest ebook publication, The Geek’s Guide to Britain, and not for selected content on the site itself. But there appear to be indications that, should the pilot prove successful, there will likely be plans to adopt the model more broadly. 

PayPal Interface

SatoshiPay itself has negotiated a partnership with PayPal which allows anyone with funds in their PayPal account to create a SatoshiPay wallet on the fly to effectuate the payment in Stellar Lumens (XLM) on the back-end. A similar arrangement is in place for credit card payments. 

The project is itself another indication in favour of the growing idea that blockchain technology’s quest for mass adoption will likely come from interfaces with existing, popular platforms rather than the emergence of new platforms which bypass existing technological infrastructure. 

The Geek’s Guide takes its readers on an unusual tour of the UK, involving pit-stops at locations ” … such as the site of TAT-1 – the first transatlantic telephone cable in Scotland,” and will set you back 20 XLM – which equates to around £4.50 (or $6) at the time of writing.