Unibright’s Plug-and-Play Blockchain Sale Open To US Investors

Unibright’s Plug-and-Play Blockchain Sale Open To US Investors

Unibright has confirmed that it will begin its token sale on April 20, having wrapped up a successful pre-sale last week. The team also announced it has recently been able to open the token sale to US Investors who were previously excluded.

The outfit claims that it will offer the “first unified framework for blockchain-based business integration.” The network, which is blockchain-agnostic, is being pitched to business process specialists. The promise is that these specialists will be able to offer blockchain-based solutions to businesses without the requirement for any specific technical skills.

Plug-and-Play Blockchain

The number of projects coming to market aiming to allow businesses to integrate their own systems with the Blockchain via plug-and-play mechanisms has been steadily increasing. 

Seele, who held a four-day token sale last week, is building what it calls Blockchain 4.0, which it promises will make it easier for legacy systems to be integrated with its own blockchain as well as others.

Mobius is another project aiming to build a protocol that allows any application, device or data stream to be integrated with blockchain ecosystems. While Unibright is targeting business specialists with no coding experience, Mobius is targeting developers with no blockchain-specific skills.

Projects like this are more difficult to assess than platforms being built to connect buyers and sellers in a specific market. Ultimately their success will depend on them building a network that works, and on being able to build partnerships with large corporates.