Unity Technologies Partners with Kik to Expand Outreach

Unity Technologies Partners with Kik to Expand Outreach

Canadian messaging app Kik have announced a partnership with Unity Technologies to allow game developers to use Kik’s KIN token to reward players.

Unity Technologies are reportedly the creators of the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform and provide the tools to create interactive 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

Spanning Markets

Kik came to market last September, raising almost $100 million in an ICO that would enable them to create a software development kit (SDK) to provide developers with a simple route to incorporate KIN into their games.

The Kin SDK will become part of Unity Technologies’ Unity Asset Store, a marketplace for gaming tools and services. These markets can span a number of different gaming platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Gameroom (Facebook) and SteamVR (PC & Mac).

The longer term aim for Kik is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where players are rewarded for game play and developers are incentivised for their creative input by daily payouts through a proposed Kin Rewards Engine (KRE).

Dany Fishel, executive vice president of partnerships at Kin said that “With Unity, we get a partner committed to democratising development, solving hard problems and enabling success, which aligns perfectly with our goal of creating a thriving ecosystem that maximises the value of Kin for developers.”

Meanwhile, Hubert Larenaudie, President APAC at Unity Technologies, recognised that “Developers benefit when they can monetise digital experiences and quickly expand transactions across global markets.”

In choosing to partner with Kik, Mr Larenaudie went on to state that he believed “That the combination of Kik’s experience and user base, along with Kin, provides many opportunities for developers.”