UN’s Global Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure

UN’s Global Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure

On the 9th July, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will hold a virtual workshop from Geneva to discuss ongoing work on their proposed cross-border interoperable blockchain infrastructure 4.0.

The project, known as UN/CEFACT Chain, is under the guidance of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronics Business (UN/CEFACT) which is an intergovernmental body who officially seek to facilitate “…national and international transactions, through the simplification and harmonization of processes, procedures and information flows….”

Part of the current focus is directed towards establishing “…a framework/mechanism for development and implementation of the UN/CEFACT blockchain services infrastructure, which will be compatible and in line with other services infrastructure and usable or extendable globally…”

Blockchain Stakeholders

The workshop will feature relevant case studies with a number of speakers contributing in their area of expertise around the topics of legal, governance, and technical operability, and quantum key distribution.

Among those scheduled to appear are the Co-founder and CTO of Tolar (TOL) Josip Maričević, Co-Chair of INABTA’s Digital Identity Working Group Alex Puig, Co-founder of Origin Trail (TRAC) Žiga Drev, and Tali Razin the Co-founder of 4th Pillar (FOUR).

UNECE welcome officials, experts, business representatives and the general public to register for the online event.

Registered viewers will be able to submit questions during the event which will be answered after each main session.