Viewly AirDrop Attracts 30,000 Telegram Followers in 48 Hours

Viewly AirDrop Attracts 30,000 Telegram Followers in 48 Hours

Decentralised video platform Viewly has attracted huge interest as a result of its recent 48-hour airdrop with more than 30,000 people joining the platform’s Telegram group over the last 2 days.

Viewly is similar to YouTube but is built as an ad-free, decentralised platform where content creators are rewarded by their followers, with rewards also flowing to those who rent out storage space to the Viewly network.

Challenging Traditional Content Monetisation Models

Under the Viewly model, content creators build a community of fans and are then rewarded via micro-payments and subscriptions paid in real-time. Fans can also tip voluntarily, complementing a system of endorsements, contests and e-commerce reward mechanisms.

The company has so far raised 83 percent of its $12 million fundraising goal, mostly during a private pre-sale and a subsequent, standard pre-sale. The public main sale began on the 22nd February and runs until 20th March.

Airdrops have become a standard feature within the ICO arena over the last few months, serving as a method for blockchain projects to achieve a broad distribution of token holders whilst increasing brand awareness. They also allow some ICOs to limit cumbersome KYC administration processes for smaller token allocations.