Viewly Launches Alpha Platform as Blockchain Tech Continues its Assault on Youtube

Viewly Launches Alpha Platform as Blockchain Tech Continues its Assault on Youtube

In February we reported on Viewly’s 48-hour airdrop campaign which helped it build a Telegram community of 30,000 people in just two days. Yesterday, Viewly released its alpha platform and unlocked its native VIEW tokens. This will be one of the first opportunities for the market to see how well airdrops translate into user adoption.

VIEW tokens are required to upload content, and token holders can also vote for high-quality content. Tokens are distributed to the creators that earn the most votes. The platform is also planning a series of upcoming contests to incentivise content creators to upload their content.

Airdrop-based and YouTube Marketing

The central premise of the platform is that it offers up an ad-free streaming experience. Instead, content creators are encouraged to build a community of fans and monetize their content through subscriptions, endorsements, e-commerce and voluntarily tips.

The team hopes that by directly rewarding creators – something YouTube doesn’t do – it will be able to win the best creators away from competing platforms. They have been deploying tokens to incentivise several popular YouTube content creators to join the platform, a move that was helped by Charlie Shrem’s announcement of his having invested 900 ETH in the platform.

With the initial release of the platform now live, analysts will now be observing developments closely to see how quickly the blockchain-based platform can organically attract creators and consumers. With such a straight forward business model, the platform also offers up the opportunity for market observers to gauge how user adoption correlates with the token price.