WALA ICO Sale Ends as Investors Await Next Steps

WALA ICO Sale Ends as Investors Await Next Steps

The WALA platform concluded their ICO on Monday. 

Immediately following the sale finishing, the CEO of the project, Tricia Martinez, told followers of their Telegram channel:

“The Dala token sale was a huge success! We are thrilled to close out 2017 with this win and bring the Dala token to the hands of users throughout Africa in 2018.”

The project aims to provide financial services to the planet’s estimated 2.5 billion unbanked adults by creating a “borderless, rewards driven, zero fee” platform. It will be powered by the DALA utility token and the team believe they will be integral to the start of a “financial revolution” for the people of Earth who lack traditional banking facilities.

Post-ICO Concerns

However, just how successful it has been remains to be seen. As yet, none of the post-sale details appear to have been released. One user of the channel expressed concerns about the way the sale was run:

“I just find it weird that there was a 2 month long pre-sale, plus a 10 day public sale, we never hit close to the hard cap, and yet the logistics cannot yet be disclosed?”

The response from the team was for investors to sit tight and wait for further announcements which should come Thursday. The admin claim to be working towards distributing the tokens “within a week.