Wales Tech Week Showcases Blockchain

Wales Tech Week Showcases Blockchain

The first ever Tech Week to be held in Wales will kick off on Monday 13 July and will see a series of free virtual workshops and talks presenting developments in key technological areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cyber crime, education (EdTech), finance (FinTech), and medical (MedTech).

The event has been organised by a newly established network of entities with a goal of promoting the Welsh technology industry known as Technology Connected.

Corporations, Universities, and Platforms

Avril Lewis MBE, managing director of Technology Connected, said Wales Tech Week provides “…an opportunity to showcase this vibrant industry on a global stage…[and]…we want to put focus on this enabling, resilient industry at a time where its impact is being felt more than ever.”

Those presenting at the event will include well known brands such as IBM, Spotify, European Space Agency, and PwC with blockchain-related input coming from project teams from the Zero Carbon Project, Welsh Universities, and BitcoinSV centric platforms such nChain, Twetch, Centbee, and EHR Data.

The entities will form an extension of Technology Connected, naturally named Blockchain Connected, and will deliver specific talks on: