Wanchain Makes First Public Announcement on MainNet Since ICO

Wanchain Makes First Public Announcement on MainNet Since ICO

Wanchain has announced the launch of the mainnet for its distributed financial infrastructure platform. This is the first major announcement since the company raised $36 million in its token sale in October.

The announcement saw a flurry of activity on Wanchain’s Telegram group resulting in a surge of membership. Telegram groups are becoming an important communication channel for blockchain projects, both before and after a token sale.

Cross-Chain Platform

For ICOs to gain legitimacy, projects need to keep token holders up to date on their progress. While some projects are keeping the lines of communication open, others tend to go silent after their token sale. The China-based project intends to construct a new cross blockchain financial infrastructure. The network will use cross-chains that essentially allows users to connect accounts across different blockchains and to exchange value between them.

Besides acting as a bridge between blockchains, Wanchain also intends to enter into the race to become the first mass adoption decentralised exchange, as the market cries out for an improved version of Ether Delta which, it is hoped, will allow crypto traders to bypass the problems recently witnessed with Bitconnect and others. 

More than just a cross-chain and decentralised exchange, however, Wanchain also appears to be a community favourite with strong following on Telegram, Reddit and other platforms.