Waves Platform Begins Roadshow in Bid to Challenge Ethereum Dominance

Waves Platform Begins Roadshow in Bid to Challenge Ethereum Dominance

Waves Platform CEO Sasha Ivanov has just announced a series of roadshow presentations of the Russian blockchain technology. 

The tour will begin with a presentation in New York on May 16 to discuss Waves’ own approach to the wider blockchain issue of scalability. Further presenatons will then follow over the course of the Summer season, with an appearance scheduled for June in Amsterdam, London in July and finally Moscow in August. 

Profile-Raising Strategy

The move is seen as part of a longer-term strategy to raise the profile of the platform in its bid to challenge the continuing dominance of the Ethereum network.

With the Ethereum platform suffering something of a hit to its reputation in recent weeks as the result of a widely reported bug, the Waves team appear keen to take advantage of the receptiveness to alternative platforms that the incident has provoked – although, ironically, the bug in question was related to an issue in the logic of an independent smart contract that belonged to the Coinbase exchange. 

The Waves platform itself ICO’ed in 2016, raising $18 million in what was then the second most successful ICO at the time in terms of funds raised, coming in just behind Ethereum’s own ICO. Its token currently trades at around $6, with a market cap of just over $1.5bn USD. 

The outfit is hoping to distinguish itself within the highly competitive blockchain space by offering a suite of ICO launchpad services, as well as an opt-in protocol for self-governance for ICOs in a bid to inspire wider market confidence in the token sale model.