Wepower Lashes Back at “Suppoman” in Open Letter

Wepower Lashes Back at “Suppoman” in Open Letter

Wepower, a blockchain-based green energy aggregator whose impending ICO is due to begin in February, has published an open reply to popular Youtube influencer Michael Suppo, also more commonly known by his pseudonym ‘Suppoman’, in reply to a recent review of the former by the latter.

The open letter, published yesterday on Wepower’s Medium blog, addresses a number of points raised in a recent Youtube video by Suppo who enjoys a 120k following on his ‘Suppoman Udemy’ Youtube channel, with his videos regularly pulling in over 50k views.   

“Your claim is incorrect and misleading”

The video in question appears to have since been removed. Among the issues raised by Wepower co-founder Arturas Askavicius were an alleged claim by Suppo that the green energy start-up has a “vague and general proposition.”

“We are very clearly focused on creating a fundraising platform for green energy project developers during our first phase,” Askavicius states in his letter, “and building a set of digital services for energy trade and power grid management during our second and third phase.”

Suppoman Wepower

Askavicius also responded to an apparent claim by Suppo that the start-up had “no product, nothing,” by underlining the group’s partnerships and current implementation projects. “Your claim is incorrect and misleading,” Askavicius added. 

The energy outfit reached out to Suppo directly both on his Twitter account and via Medium, proposing for the two parties to have a call in order to “build a fair and well informed review.” It is not known if the proposition has received a response. 

Suppo regularly provides disclaimers in his videos that he is not a professional financial advisor, whilst his Linkedin profile points out that he both teaches and provides “YouTube videos on Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing, ICO investing andCryptocurrency Wallets!”