Wesley Snipes the Latest Hollywood Action Star to Go Crypto

Wesley Snipes the Latest Hollywood Action Star to Go Crypto

Action stars that have fallen by the wayside seem now seem to have two options to remain in the public eye: wait for a new Expendables sequel or become the public face of an ICO.

In February Steven Seagal paired up with the Bitcoiin2Gen ICO (and unpaired from them in March); now it is the turn of Blade star Wesley Snipes who has linked up with an ICO project of his own. 

Brand Ambassador

According to the Daily Mail, Snipes is teaming up with NYNJA, a new messaging app that Snipes apparently believes is the “future of movie-making” and like “tech-jujitsu”. 

The report also claims that Snipes is in Puerto Rico to preview NYNJA’S latest version before this month’s token offering, and that he will be brand ambassador when the platform launches later this year.

NYNJA CEO Salvatore Guerrieri is quoted as saying that “they shared a vision for blockchain technology” and that “Wesley understands the significance of NYNJA’s sleek app that packs a serious punch.

However, other than these suspiciously neat quotes, there’s a distinct lack of evidence that any official arrangement is in place. Snipes is not mentioned on the NYNJA website, and the ICO has had no shoutouts on any of Snipes’s social media feeds.

Though the NYNJA Instagram account does now show two pictures of Snipes in Puerto Rico, he is described as “our new friend.” 

There is no suggestion that any partnership is in place, though the company does quote him in an Instagram post as saying, “I love the app and the spirit of its creators. As an on-set solution for film production this tool is pure ‘fiyah’”.

Anyone who is inclined to make investments on the word of the star of Demolition Man may want to hold fire until the NYNJA-Snipes axis is confirmed.