Why is France Celebrating Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday Already?

Why is France Celebrating Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday Already?

The announcement may have appeared premature to some, but yesterday one of France’s leading online public broadcasters, France Info, decided to celebrate Bitcoin’s “10th birthday”.

The reasoning provided by France Info appears to relate to the domain name of bitcoin.org which was registered on August 19th 2008, marking – according to its journalists – the veritable date on which the world’s first cryptocurrency emerged. 

“This is pure bungling”

To celebrate the occasion, the journalists headed down to so-called Bitcoin Boulevard in Paris, better known under its real name Le Passage du Grand Cerf in the second district, a Parisian glass-ceiling indoor walkway which makes for one of Paris’ more under-celebrated landmarks and where a number of boutiques accept BTC as a payment method. 

Adding to the general confusion, the journalists appear to have situated Bitcoin Boulevard in their report as being in the city’s 19th district, demonstrating that their spatial awareness is at least in tune with their temporal. 

Leading Bitcoin advocate, Jacques Favier, seen by some as France’s very own Andreas Antonopolous, was, it appears, asked to interview for the station but refused, stating: “This is pure bungling.”