WoWoo Announces Blockchain Migration to NEO Platform

WoWoo Announces Blockchain Migration to NEO Platform

In a further sign that Ethereum’s dominance may be under threat, the WoWoo ICO has become the latest to announce its migration over to the NEO platform, citing superior technology and better long-term alignment of interests. 

The Singapore-based outfit aims to help companies without cryptocurrency experience to create their own tokens. The company will only service those projects it believes can have a positive societal impact; if they get past the selection board they will be able to generate their own “child” tokens from the WoWoo Wowbit parent token.

Japan’s largest Q&A site, OKwave, is set to be one of the first WoWoo partners, developing a token which will reward good content on the site, similar to the Steemit model.

According to WoWoo the shift to NEO is a “tremendous opportunity to accelerate the sophistication (of) Wowoo’s Blockchain technology.” They describe NEO’s offering as “the very best technology in the world” and say its community is “the most reliable and user-friendly community in the Blockchain space.

Interestingly they see NEO as a better fit not just technologically, but morally. They say it “shares our own community’s values” so they hope there will be “a close and prosperous partnership between our companies”.

Originally slated for February 22nd, the WoWoo ICO has been pushed back while the platform migration takes place.

NEO Gaining Momentum

Meanwhile, the six million users of eToro will now have the opportunity to get NEO exposure too. The leading social trading platform today added NEO to its Crypto CopyFund.

NEO is up on the news and is now trading at $136 at time of writing, $30 off its all time high.