World’s First Crypto Inheritance Platform Goes Live

World’s First Crypto Inheritance Platform Goes Live

The team behind DigiPulse, a blockchain start-up which ICO’ed in October of 2017 – and which is arguably the world’s first dedicated crypto-inheritance service – has just announced its platform launch. 

The outfit is one of a number of former ICOs dating from late 2017 to have launched in recent weeks. 

Automated Assets Transmission

Co-founded by Latvian Normunds Kvilis in January of 2017, the idea for the platform came as Kvilis himself experienced some health problems whilst travelling abroad for business. 

“It occurred to me then that there was no provision for my own crypto-assets, should something serious happen to me,” Kvilis stated. “That was essentially where DigiPulse came from – I realised there was simply no service on the market for this kind of thing.”

The platform is available both as an app and as a web-based solution, and offers one month of free access for users who wish to try it out before committing to paying for its services. Payment is made with a traditional credit card or with the platform’s native DGPT token.   

DigiPulse employs a blockchain-based vault which allows users to upload data in a secure manner. The vault will then continue to house the data for as long as the platform observes online activity from the user. If, on the other hand, no activity is observed over a length of time, the platform sends an automated message to a specified recipient with details on how to access the vault’s contents. 

“Essentially, the business model extends beyond inheritance to incorporate any situation which requires the automated transmission of assets / information according to some pre-set criteria,” Kvilis adds.