XinFin Announces Addition of Roger Ver to its Advisory Board

XinFin Announces Addition of Roger Ver to its Advisory Board

Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver has joined the board of advisors guiding blockchain startup, the Singaporean outfit has just announced.

It is not known at this stage what Ver’s specific role will be with XinFin, but it is believed in some quarters that the addition of his name to the advisory board is part of a wider strategy to raise the profile of the project. 

“Public and Private Blockchain”

Joining Ver as the newest members of the advisory board are Mate Tokay from and Jason Butcher, the COO of CoinPayments. 

XinFin is focused on maximising business process efficiency for commercial and governmental organisations by developing a commercial grade hybrid blockchain that will be a fork of JP Morgan’s Quorum.

The nature of the platform means it can maintain elements in both public and private states, likely making it more suitable for a wider number of business-use cases.

While there are three main strands to the proposed business model, the primary TradeFinex platform has already launched and connect buyers with global suppliers and financiers through trusted networks of trade associations and financial institutions.

The ICO for the company’s ERC20 utility token XDCE, has already achieved two thirds of its hardcap goal and is set to end on the 15th March.

Interested investors can contribute ETH, BTC, XRP and now, perhaps not surprisingly following Roger Ver’s appointment, BCH.