XRP is Winning the Crypto Social Media War, says eToro

XRP is Winning the Crypto Social Media War, says eToro

“XRP is winning at social media,” stated Mati Greenspan this afternoon, prominent crypto markets analyst with eToro, in comments that followed an analysis of a Twitter crypto popularity poll he ran last week in which Ripple emerged as outright winner with 46% of 28,000 votes.

“It seems polling results reflect the medium, and Twitter polls probably shouldn’t be taken as gospel,” he stated, but observed that interest from both the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities was almost entirely absent.

Bitcoin Boycott

“There were literally zero reposts from the Ethereum community even though they do have a large dev community on Twitter and very little excitement from Bitcoin enthusiasts who can be quite vocal when they want to.”

“Within moments of posting the poll, a slew of responses came in from XRP supporters urging the community to vote using the hashtags #XRPtheStandard and #XRPcommunity,” he added, in commentary sent to ICOExaminer.

Whilst the poll results for Ethereum and Bitcoin likely indicate an organised boycott – Ripple is not considered a crypto-currency in comparison with Bitcoin’s own definition of a decentralised, open-source and transparent medium of exchange – it does appear to serve as yet another indication that, despite the overall market conditions, 2018 has been yet another year where XRP has been in the ascendancy.

In September, crypto social interest tracking tool Solume identified explosive exponential growth of online social media mentions of Ripple/XRP, whilst in 2017 Ripple underwent 33,000% in growth of price, making it by far the most successful cryptocurrency of that year in a market climate which had witnessed cryptos’ greatest bull run so far.