Online Crypto Gambling in Canada

Online Crypto Gambling in Canada

The key to perfect online gambling is all within its bonuses, whether it is through instant cash rewards or benefits to your gameplay. Bonuses were designed as a way for players to get the most out of their gambling. With an ever increasing range of options coming online these days, it makes even more sense for players to have a strategy for accumulating online advantages. This can be done with deposits or claiming codes. Some casinos can have exclusive content such as the eye of Horus free play version. Here are the many kinds of bonuses that you can use in any Canadian casino that welcome the wonders of greater gambling enjoyment. 

Free Spins

When it comes to online slot machines, spins are the big thing. How many spins you have extends the window of opportunity you have to score a combination. The only issue is every spin will require a bet. The purpose behind free spins is that they let you spin the reels without having to make a bet. Normally they come after your first bet. Make a single bet and then make other spins for free. You could win way more prizes in a single bet than you could normally do with one spin. 

Free spins can be gained through either promotions from the casino or welcome packages. The amount you gain will differ with the casino or site you use. 

Cash Boosts

When making a deposit with the casino, you could be given a boost to the amount you will be able to bet. For example, if you wager a deposit of $10, you could be given an extra $10, giving you $20 in total to use as a bet. Not only does this give you more chances to spin the slots, but it can also grab you more money when used wisely. This can make the overall profit much bigger than what you would have gained regularly.

Welcome Packages

This will be something you will see a lot when you start getting into gambling. Online casinos will always include them as a way of getting in more customers. A welcome package is granted to you as a gift for signing up with their casino—something to congratulate you with for choosing them over the others. The contents of a welcome package will vary per site. Sometimes it will be a boost to your winnings or a number of free spins, as mentioned earlier. Normally the package will only be applicable for your first few deposits. It is only used for the start of your journey, as the rest must be attained through your own skills. 

No Deposit Bonus

While many of these other bonuses require a deposit to activate, there are some that require none. A no deposit bonus is essentially a free prize you can gain from fulfilling special requirements. The prize can range from the ones mentioned earlier, be it free spins or more money to play the games with. The no deposit bonus will mainly come in the form of a promo code. This will be a set of numbers or letters that you can type into the casino to gain your free gifts. 

Cashback Safety Net

Sometimes, you may feel nervous about losing your money. It is the main fear when getting into gambling. A cashback reward system can be your way of risking a lot less. With this system in place, you can essentially be refunded the money you used in a bet, but it ultimately ended in a loss. For example, say you make a bet of $10 but then you end up losing that money from no slot combinations. The casino will grant you a certain percentage of money back, like $2, if you lose the $10. So, you will still have the remainder left. There is a limit to cashback safety, so it won’t protect yours forever. 

VIP Club

A VIP club is a perfect way to show off your skills and prove how far you have come. This will be a ranking system that sets you apart from the beginners. Even casual players won’t have full access to these benefits. You can mainly qualify for them by gaining a lot of wins or from playing a large number of games. The VIP club itself will have different levels to attain. The higher the level, the more bonuses you will gain. 

Many find this type of bonus especially appealing and Erica Walter, a casino game reviewer, is one of them.  

“It’s more than just a bonus. It’s about being with like-minded people, too,” Erica shares. 

Loyalty Points

Similar to the VIP club, you can also gain what’s known as Loyalty Points. A loyalty point is gained from getting wins. You can then collect these points and spend them on exclusive gameplay benefits. Trade them in for free spins or extra cash to bet with. The more points you gain, the better your options will be. The Loyalty Points can also be translated into other things, like progressing in an “adventure” style map or climbing the ranks of a leader board.