Press Release: Crowd Machine

Press Release: Crowd Machine

San Jose, California USA – Crowd Machine is set to radically open up access to the global app industry with the launch of its decentralized computing platform for building and running decentralized apps (Dapps).

Ready for beta launch toward the end of August 2018, Crowd Machine’s Crowd Computer is a high-speed decentralized cloud run on the world’s surplus device processor capacity. The Crowd Computer is designed to execute apps from Crowd App Studio, a revolutionary development platform that automates and accelerates the coding process with drag-and-drop functionality and natural language-based rules.

Crowd App Studio gives developers and non-developers alike the ability to build and execute full-stack, enterprise-class apps based only on their individual capacity for logic and willingness to learn.

The app development platform will soon host a suite of audited and tested blockchain functions for smart contracts and transactions that can seamlessly integrate with potentially any existing smart contract or blockchain.

Crowd Machine technology is in production with a growing number of Fortune 500 companies, several of which are in the banking sector and use a complex asset-based lending solution created and deployed using Crowd Machine technology.

Caywon Pharmaceuticals is using Crowd Machine to develop practical solutions for issues ranging from supply chain integrity to virtual value chain management and digital security of healthcare information and facilities.

Dr Matthew Lee, Caywon Pharmaceutical’s VP of Innovations said, “We’re really excited to be working with Crowd Machine to create a secure and robust platform that will easily enable non-tech-savvy pharma-experts to apply their knowledge and expertise to the development of new medicines.”

Craig Sproule, Crowd Machine’s CEO and Founder commented, “Crowd Machine removes a lot of the risk in app development by reducing the potential for human error to be introduced and by providing access to a repository of community-tested apps and app components.

“Crowd Machine is quickly reaching a point in its product suite where we offer a single unified solution for decentralized app development, deployment and execution.”