YOYOW Team Officially Opens Core Source Code

YOYOW Team Officially Opens Core Source Code

SUZHOU, China, Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In order to better realize the ecological vision of YOYOW and let more UGC platforms have access to the technology and features of YOYOW, YOYOW has decided to officially open the core source code of the YOYOW blockchain.

In March 2017, the YOYOW project was officially launched. YOYOW, named from “You Own Your Own Words”, is a blockchain-based content value network on the basis of Graphene. YOYOW is designed for establishing a fairer and more rational content-generated value distribution mechanism so that content producers and platform developers can be provided with incentives and reciprocal returns as appropriate. Any content platforms, regardless of their themes presented in the format of text, video, image, audio or live broadcast, etc., are eligible to create the corresponding content-oriented value system through the YOYOW network.

Since the launch of the YOYOW project in March 2017, YOYOW has released the Demo website and operated the DEV network, and YOYOW officially released its mainnet on September 6, 2017. In the following year, YOYOW released the middleware and platform plugins, officially implemented the first application Biask into the YOYOW public blockchain and released a new “Fan Xing” version with token release feature. In August, Binance supported the YOYOW mainnet swap and YOYOW-WeCenter Special Edition was released.

The details are as follows:

On September 6th, 2018, YOYOW officially opened the core source code of the YOYOW blockchain on Github.

The source code will be released based on the YOYOW license agreement. For more details on the license agreement, browse the License.md file located at the root of the source code.
To open the source code is also to reflect the decentralized, open and transparent spirit of blockchain technology. This open source project is an important milestone in promoting the community autonomy of the YOYOW project.

This also marks the technical maturity and confidence of the YOYOW project. Based on the open source, excellent projects can quickly get the recognition of their partners, gather outstanding talents and carry out continuous and in-depth development. With the continuous improvement of the project ecology, the innovation ability of the open source will become stronger due to the diversity of the community.

At present, the YOYOW team is in contact with a number of projects in content industry to accelerate the implementation of the project.